Jaeson Green, born as James N. Williams, marked the world on September 14th, 1988 in Dallas, TX. Belonging to parents who participated in church as a pastor and missionary, Jaeson derived from a church influenced household. During his childhood he discovered his internal passion for music by singing in the youth choir and performing in various talent shows at Jimmy Tyler Brashear Elementary School. Growing up he had an inevitable love for Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and R&B. At the tender age of twelve he was introduced to the genre that is Hip Hop. Dealing with a seemingly absent in-home father figure he turned to Scarface, Jay Z, and UGK for inspiration.

Jaeson recorded his first mixtape, “Kinfolk”, during his sophomore year in high school captivating a supportive audience. He wrote of his experience maturing without a male role, the dynamic of his neighborhood, and the trials and tribulations of his peers. Jaeson declares “I’ve always looked at music as one of the greatest forms of expression, especially after hearing Scarface’s The Diary. It made me want to tell a story. Not just mine, but a true life event that I either saw or experienced.” Overtime Jaeson grew success outside of music as a business owner. He now dominates 4SELF Entertainment, 110% Management, and God Given Publishing. He is currently studying Recording Arts to solidify his goal of being able to engineer his own music. Living by his favorite bible verse ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ (Romans 8:31) he believes within his heart that nothing can stop him from becoming an iconic mogul.